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Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing

Energy Audit is an inspection survey that analyses energy consumptions in various parts of a building, industrial or commercial facility with the aim of energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). In commercial and industrial facilities, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints.

In Kenya, it is a legal requirement to carry out energy audits every 3 years to comply with the Energy Management Regulation 2012 and submit the report to Energy regulatory Commission. The energy audit has to be carried out by licensed Energy Auditors.

There are two types of energy audits; a General Audit and an Investment Grade Audit; both of which are admissible to ERC. In general terms, a General Audit looks at all the classes of equipment in a facility and estimates the current consumption and determines how efficient they are and advises whether there are alternative more efficient technologies to replace them.

If there are, then an economic analysis will be carried out using simple pay back method to determine the return on investment. An Investment Grade Audit is supposed to be a more detailed analysis of the proposed energy efficiency investment and goes further than a general audit and will use other economic analysis tools such Internal Rate of Return, Net Present value or Life Cycle costing depending on the acceptable criteria for ranking investment projects in an organization.

Generally it should come after a general audit and it should focus on the specific projects that an organization intends to invest in to reduce energy consumption as it will consider cost of finance as well as methods of raising the required finance of the project and analyses the ability of the savings derived from the project to repay the investment.

LIBROS Engineering is a class A Energy Auditing licensed firm by Energy Regulatory Commision of Kenya (ERC) license number ERC/EAF/00014 to offer Energy Audits. The Class A license allows us to carry out all types of Audits. We are an experienced firm in energy auditing and have carried out energy auditing for many blue chip companies. Among our top clients include:

  • Largest Telecom Company in Kenya
  • Top Tier Banks
  • Water Services Companies
  • Supermarkets

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings

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