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CUES – Chiller Unit Energy Saver

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Reduce energy costs with Intelligent refrigeration controls

Refrigeration has evolved from being a luxury to being a necessity in many businesses. Refrigeration systems account for around 20% in energy consumption in the world today. Putting huge pressure on global energy resources, cooling units are impacting the environment and businesses alike, and beyond the scale they should be. However, there is real potential in CUES to achieve dramatic reductions in energy costs, thereby, improving equipment performance and reliability, and at the same time providing more accurate control of the temperature of stored food products.

CUES is a range of energy saving and temperature monitoring products designed to improve the efficacy of refrigeration systems. They are used primarily in commercial applications.

Efficient refrigeration is a global sustainability priority

Cutting down energy used on unnecessarily cooling the fridge itself, while more effectively maintaining the temperature of food, CUES is the perfect solution for your business.

The Problem With Refrigeration

The problem businesses face with modern commercial refrigeration is that they can waste up to 30% of their energy and run 50% more cycles than necessary trying to do the job they are designed for, namely; lowering the temperature of a substance and then maintain that temperature on a continual basis. Refrigeration process begins with the compressor switching on and ends by bringing down the air temperature until the desired setting is met. This process is called a ‘cycle’ and in some cases a cycle can occur as many as 20 times per hour.

A refrigeration thermostat monitors circulating air temperature in order to decide when to switch on and off. However, circulating air temperature rises far more quickly than food temperature and as a result, the refrigeration unit works harder than necessary to maintain stored products at the required temperature. This in turn leads to excessive electricity consumption and undue wear and tear on the equipment.

The Solution

The solution lies in CUES which regulates the refrigeration cycle based upon food temperature rather than air temperature – thereby maintaining food at the correct temperature and eliminating wastage. Installed in conjunction with the existing thermostat sensor which energizes the compressor, CUES will significantly reduce the frequency of the refrigeration cycles which will now be based on food temperature rather than more rapidly fluctuating air temperature. The results will see up to a huge 30% reduction in energy costs and sometimes even greater.

So if you think that reducing excess energy consumption, saving money and reducing your maintenance costs along with increasing the life expectancy of your refrigeration equipment is something that makes sound, commercial sense – then the CUES is the perfect solution.


The CUES range of Chilled Unit Energy Savers will:-

  • Save up to 30% in energy costs
  • Provide more accurate food temperature control
  • Enable easy non-invasive measurement of food temperatures
  • Reduce heat, noise and vibration within the compressor
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment life

High Energy Savings Await

How do you like the sound of saving up to 33% on refrigeration costs, with a payback period of under 2 years? That’s what CUES has to offer.

Reliable, High-Performing Equipment

Reduce the pressure on your cooling units and therefore increase their performance, extending their operating life with CUES.

Pinpoint-Accurate Temperature Control

Maintain the temperature of your food, not your fridge. CUES accurately controls the only temperature figure that matters!

33% Average Energy Savings
Impressive cost savings from the day of installation
2 Year Payback Period
Quick and effective ROI, plus a persuasive business cases
100% Compressor Life-Cycle Improvement
By reducing compressor cycle frequency the unit’s operating life can be doubled

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